Demo '14

by Wokling

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demo tape available here: lagervillerecords [dot] bigcartel [dot] com


released April 16, 2014

guitar - JD Brokenrope
bass - Dylan Alexander
drums - Spain
vox - Alex Bean

recorded and mixed by Spain "Tapeboy" Heimall at Seizer's Palace Moped Shop in April 2014. Additional assistance by Bryce Hotz at Archetype Recordings.



all rights reserved


Wokling Providence, Rhode Island


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Track Name: Mute
fingers are frail followers
nothing new but no need to
i didn't make this for you
but you can look at it
wonder, ponder, wander through the gene pool
i'm used to the flies
Track Name: Cowcatcher
i can barely curl my lips' corners
i've forgotten how to move my mouth
insanity creeps into the brain
only nonsensical mumbling comes out
what's the point, i can't communicate
this madness makes me so fucking irate
resigned to a life of pseudo-lucidity
acceptance of circumstance and my fate of idiocy
ropes around my body on a fucking train track
time's the one going places and i'm always tied to this path
stagnant body, stagnant mind, empty life, empty head
how many times have these words been said
in the same way too
i say and think nothing new
this is the purgatory of the post-modern present
and you rationalize, hey we got cushions in these cages
walls of secondhand experience closing in on consciousness
waves of anxiety crashing in on my brain
it starts as a seed, a bug of irksome inconvenience
the academy has no answers for me
i am sharp teeth and everything else is television
but in knowing my nature, i still can't resist it
chemicals cause suffering, more chemicals alleviate
counterbalance the mental imbalance
with a manmade substance made for me
but is it my consciousness or just this fucked future
no future for me
Track Name: Fontanelle
there's a crack in my head
soft spot i got when i was young
dripping, creeping, slinking through
an awful psychic slime
alien entity taking over my mind!
i don't wanna feel this way
i don't wanna see these lives
i don't wanna see this through
i just wanna sleep forever
i don't wanna have these visions
i don't wanna wonder all day
whether or not i'm going crazy
'cause reality's come unhinged
cosmic voices call me all night long
tell me to meet them up on the plane
now i'm just a lonely lucid dreamer
now i'm just a lazy astral schemer
impotent slug
just needs a hug
could squash him like a bug
though he'd never admit it